About Me

CREATING beautiful BRANDS for entrepreneurs  WHO WANT to authentically PRESENT their VISION AND build a BRAND THEY are PROUD OF.

hello, i'm elīna ansone

the Founder of webella who specialises in brand and web design for motivated entrepreneurs.
My story

I'm an empathetic digital designer living in riga, latvia.

My goal is to create beautiful branding tools for female-owned businesses. I am a huge fan of women running businesses - finding joy in their careers and making limitless amounts of money doing it. And I love helping them achieve their business goals through an authentic and purposeful design.
Whether you are just starting out or years into your business and your company needs a glow-up, good brand identity should not only be attractive but also represent your values. I listen carefully to your goals and vision and translate them into a visual language to create brands that will stand out and make an impact.
My Services

let's show your business with a confidence.

your brand development is only as powerful as your brand strategy. before developing and working on your brand identity, i focused my attention on nurturing your brand foundations. through in-depth research, i aim to bring a soul and a story to your brand.
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Ready to breathe new life into your brand’s visual identity?

i am so excited for you. i know how important (and fun) undergoing a brand is, and i would love to be by your side, to  guide you through the creative process. Whether you are building a new brand from scratch, or elevating an existing one, i will ensure you're ready to launch with confidence and ease.
let's do this!